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Auto Windshield Repair Kit | Fluid Glass Fix

Auto Windshield Repair Kit | Fluid Glass Fix

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This product is versatile as it can be used not only on windshields but also on screens of digital devices. It allows for an invisible repair of damaged car windshields or other laminated glass surfaces. The application is easy and doesn't require complicated tools. The Glass Nano Repair Kit enables a quick repair and achieves the desired repair effect in just a few minutes. It contains a strong penetrating adhesive that fills in voids and bonds loose glass to restore visibility.

Auto Windshield Repair Kit


Step 1: Clean and dry the damaged glass surface.

Start by thoroughly cleaning the damaged glass surface. Remove any dirt, deposits, or loose glass fragments from the crack. Use a clean and dry cloth to wipe the area clean.

Step 2: Inject the glass repair fluid into the crack area.

Take the repair resin (included in the kit) and carefully inject it into the crack area. You can use a syringe or an applicator if included in the kit. Fill the crack with the repair fluid and ensure it covers the entire damaged area.

Step 3: Place the cured film over the crack.

After injecting the repair fluid, place one of the cure strips (included in the kit) over the crack area. Make sure it covers the entire crack and the repair fluid beneath it. This film is meant to cure and harden the resin.

Step 4: Remove excess adhesive.

Use the included scraper to gently remove any excess repair fluid that may have spread beyond the crack area. This step ensures a smooth and clean finish.

Auto Windshield Repair Kit - Usage


Net Content: 2.5 ml Package
Weight: 30g
Product Height: 7cm


Package includes:

1 x Repair Resin
5 x Cure Strips
1 x Scraper
Auto Windshield Repair Kit - Package Includes

After completing these steps, follow any additional curing instructions provided with the kit. Typically, the repair resin may need exposure to sunlight or UV light to cure completely. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's recommendations for the best results. After curing, your glass should be repaired.


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