Die EM 2024 in Stuttgart: Fußballfieber in der Landeshauptstadt Baden-Württembergs

The Euro 2024 in Stuttgart: Football Fever in the Capital City of Baden-Württemberg

Football fans from all over Europe will come to Germany in the summer of 2024 to experience the continent's biggest football event, the European Championship. Among the ten German host cities is Stuttgart, the vibrant capital city of Baden-Württemberg. With modernized stadiums, diverse public viewing options, and a focus on sustainability, the Euro 2024 in Stuttgart promises to be an unforgettable experience for football enthusiasts.

Map of the Euro 2024 in Stuttgart

The Euro matches in Stuttgart will be held in the renovated MHP Arena, referred to as "Arena Stuttgart" during the event. The arena accommodates 51,000 spectators and boasts state-of-the-art facilities for a premier spectator experience.

Modern Stadiums for Spectator Experience

For Euro 2024, Stuttgart has undergone stadium renovations, transforming the MHP Arena into a cutting-edge venue. Special highlights include the exclusive Tunnel Club, offering a unique view of the action, and extensive media facilities for press representatives.

Overview of Euro Group Stage in Stuttgart

Stuttgart will host four group stage matches and one quarter-final match during Euro 2024. The matches feature exciting matchups and promise thrilling football action for spectators.

Sustainability in Euro 2024

A central focus in preparing for Euro in Stuttgart was sustainability. Recycled materials were used in stadium renovations, and the arena received energy-efficient equipment. The division of venues into regional clusters helps minimize environmental impact by reducing travel distances.

Public Viewing in Stuttgart

For football fans unable to secure tickets for the matches, Stuttgart offers several fan zones for public viewing. Places like Schlossplatz, Marktplatz, Karlsplatz, and Schillerplatz allow thousands of fans to watch the games together and experience a sense of community.

Marienplatz as a Meeting Place

During Euro 2024, Marienplatz in Stuttgart becomes the "Stadium of Dreams" with a wide range of cultural programs for a diverse audience. In addition to football, there are exhibitions, concerts, workshops, and interactive activities that make the square a lively meeting point.

Conclusion: Bring on Euro in Stuttgart

With a modernized stadium, diverse public viewing options, and a strong focus on sustainability, Stuttgart is well-equipped to welcome football fans from around the world during Euro 2024. The city promises an unforgettable football experience and invites everyone to enjoy the games together and experience the sense of community.


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Dear Football Fans,

With great anticipation and excitement, we look forward to the upcoming European Championship 2024 in Germany.

However, we would like to remind everyone that with this privileged experience comes responsibility. As we enjoy the games together and experience the atmosphere of football enthusiasm, it is of utmost importance that we treat each other with respect and humanity.

Euro 2024 offers a unique opportunity to strengthen solidarity and brotherhood. Let us use this event to promote tolerance, fairness, and mutual respect. Together, we can create an atmosphere where every fan, regardless of origin, religion, or belief, feels welcome.

Let us share the joy of football together and experience an unforgettable and peaceful European Championship.

With that in mind, we wish all fans an exciting and fair Euro 2024 in Stuttgart!

Best regards,


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